Owl Post

Today I'm sharing a fun, magical card with you.  I made this one using the Harry Potter file from Treasure Box Designs.
My background was made using scraps of my 9 3/4 print papers that I found in my stash.  The grey paper I distressed using my Tim Holtz paper distresser.
Then using stamps from the My Favorite Wizard stamp set by Jaded Blossom, I stamped my sentiment and added a little lightning bolt to my owl.  I also used this same stamp set for the inside of my card.
And now I'm off to enter my card into the following challenge:
Hiding in My Craft Room - Masculine - Ends May 27th

Magical Theory and Potions

I sat down on Sunday and played around with making another floating book 'shelf' for my craft room and added a couple of extra potion bottles as well.  This time instead of just painting the bottles (this time purchased from Michaels so I'd have a bit of variety in style) I wanted to fill them with potions.  I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do but I did know that I wanted one of them to be Gillyweed.

After searching around on Pintrest I found a great idea for using a product called Enviro Tex Lite.  You mix it up, pour it into your bottles and it sets us to be a solid product so there's no risk of spills or ick.  For my Gillyweed I put a piece of a plastic plant into my bottle.  Since I didn't have tiny pebbles I tried using skittles but as the resin mix did its thing my skittles lost their color and blended in.  The Veritaserum bottle was created using more of the EnviroTex Lite mixed with a couple different colors of food coloring.  I'd add one color, swirl, let sit for a moment then add the next color and repeat.  If you look closely the resin mix set up so that it appears there is potion mix running down the bottle.  Finally, my Mandrake Root potion is filled with a bit of Spanish Moss.
As for my book, it's a paper mache book box that I found at Hobby Lobby.  Online they only sell it in a set but in the store I found the books individually.  In my first post on making these I provided a link to the video that explains how to make these.  Below is a condensed step by step version.
1.  For the book title, hand write the name and then using a hot glue gun trace over what you have written.

2.  Along the inside of the book where the pages are you will need to fill in that space with some type of wood.  I opted for balsa wood because it's thin and easy to work with.  The type I purchased gave an almost perfect size for the medium box I purchased and required 6 sheets.

3.  Using a dark brown paint as you base, paint two coats of paint on the outside AND inside of your box.

4.  After the brown paint is dry, using a white and another color of your choosing (I used a metallic red) dry brush over the brown to add some color.

5.  Finally, apply a sealer to the inside and outside of your box.  I believe in the video she used a mod podge; however I opted for using a laquer spray sealant.

This is such a fun and easy project that's perfect for any Harry Potter fan to create.

Whenever Something Happens....

Even though my craft room areas are a bit torn up and I'm down one computer because I gave it to one of my sons who has just moved out (the youngest is the one in process) I wanted to try doing some embroidery.  Now while my machine can read the designs and tell me what colors to stitch using a thumb drive I have learned that the colors indicated by the designer do not always match up.  For example they could have wanted something in brown that my software has translated to be pink.  Don't ask my why but it happens.  And this is why I had a second computer sitting by my sewing machines.  So I could look at the design and/or stitch charts as needed.
Since I don't have that computer I thought I could stitch out a sketch design - no problem.  However, I had to pick something a bit more detailed to try this with.  And while it wasn't terrible, there were a couple of areas that left me scratching my head as I tried to figure out just what the machine was telling me.  So for those areas I ran back into my other craft room where the computer sits, opened my Embrillance software and mock stitched the pattern until I knew what I was stitching.
Needless to say, I think I'll wait until my machines are all in one room again before I stitch out another design.
I LOVE this one though.  It's from Thanks4theAdventure and is called Why is it When Something Happens.  I recently learned that you can stitch appliques on felt and use them similar to a patch for easier placement on hard to stitch clothes.  Of course this design is not an applique but I wanted to see how it would look and use it as a picture in my new craft room.
Now I just need to find a frame.

Fishing Father's Day

I hope that all of you had a fabulous weekend like I did.  Saturday morning I ran my last mud run for a while (doctor recommended), but I was blessed to finish like I started - running with one of my children.  Sunday started as a very wet and rainy day with thunderstorms so I spent most of the day crafting and catching up on housework......when I wasn't painting in my new craft room.  Now I know what you're thinking, why would I paint when it's raining because it'll take longer to dry.  Well, my painting was really more of a sponging.  You see I'm changing the accent wall in the room into a faux brick wall.  After 2 1/2 hours layer one is complete.
So while I was working on that I was painting another floating book shelf for my room which I'll share later along with some other goodies.  Today though I have a Father's Day card to share with you.
This is a card that I made for my dad who loves to fish.  I made this one using the Fishing With Dad file from Marjorie Ann Designs.  I had some fun with this file last year too when I made a shaker card that you can find here.  If you have a fisherman in your life this is a must have file.
The stamped sentiment on my card is from the Cardz TV Stamps set titled You're the Man.
And now I'm off to enter my card into the following challenge:
Hiding in My Craft Room - Masculine - Ends May 27th

Sale Sign

What do you do when you have merchandise that you want to move out?  You have a sale right?  During craft show season this can be a bit tricky.  How do you let your customers know that you have one going on?  Well you post a sign - or two of course.
See when I do most of my craft shows it's not just me in the booth.  My mom, sister and I will buy two or three slots and we'll set up together.  The pro to this is that it helps to really draw in a crowd for us because of the variety of merchandise we can offer.  They crochet  and paint.  I papercraft, loom knit, sew and embroider.  The con is that our booth can seem very disorganized in that we do not tend to create multiples of items but rather one of a kinds. 
A while back work was getting rid of all these small sign holders, and since the office manager knows I craft she figured I could use them.  I went through the stack and took several of the ones that were in the best shape.  Not knowing what I'd actually use them for I set them on the shelf.  A couple months later I came across this Sale It design from Cuttable Designs and knew it would be perfect.  After all our area is know as the World's Luckiest Fishing Village.
In my stash I had scraps of this great water paper that I used as my sign insert.  I then cut the sale design from Oracle 651 and applied it to the front of the acrylic holder. 
Now I have a sign that's perfect for grabbing the attention of our customers.

Floating Wall Shelf

Today I'm sharing another fun project I created for my new craft room.  Right now it doesn't look like much but once I decorate my room it's going to be a wall shelf.
I first came across this idea in one of my Facebook groups when another member was sharing how she decked out her bathroom in a Harry Potter theme.  So many members loved her floating shelves and wanted to know how they were made so a short video was created and shared here.
In a nutshell, you start out with a paper mache book which can be found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  The ones at Michaels are a bit fancier like the one used in the video but since I was at Hobby Lobby for other items that's where I purchased mine.  After handwriting the name of my book on the spine I traced back over it with hot glue.  I even added a couple of skeleton buttons that I had in my stash for a little extra effect.
On the 'inside' of the book where the pages are located you will need to glue a strip of thin wood like balsa wood so that it fills in the gap between the pages and the outer edge.  This is where you are going to insert the nails or screws for hanging your book to the wall.
As the glue dried I gathered my paints.  I used a burnt umber for the base coat, covering the entire box inside and out.  After the first coat dried, a second one was applied.  After the second coat dried, I came back and dry brushed over the outside of the box with a white paint.  I then used a bright red metallic paint for a second dry brush to help mute the white.  Once the paint was dry I sealed the box with a spray laquer I had on hand, but mod podge or another sealant can also be used.
Pretty neat huh?  Now I just need to make a couple more.


Cabana Bay Layout

My crafting will be a bit sparse over the next couple of weeks as I begin to pack up my room to prepare for my move.  One of my boys is moving out and so I'll be moving into his old room and moving my remaining son into mine.  The remaining son is seldom home anymore and is planning to move to Tallahassee soon so I figured there wasn't much point in waiting.  Instead I'll begin the shifting this week and in so doing that means there's some work I'll be doing in my "new" room before I complete the move in.
In the meantime though I sat down and pulled out pictures from our trip to Universal Studios which I'll be scrapbooking.  Yesterday was the first layout of the hotel in which we stayed on-site.  If you like things that are retro, you'll love Cabana Bay.  Everything from the d├ęcor to the music that plays throughout the resort, to the videos that play on the TV in the food court area is all from the 50's and 60's era.  The best thing is once you park, you don't have to leave property.  Everything you need is there - including a shuttle to take you back and forth to the parks.  Our first stay with them was last year and it's where we'll continue to stay because we love it so much.
Since the hotel is retro 50's/60's style I decided to use the 50's Diner set from Marjorie Ann Designs.  Instead of using all the words that came for the license plate and sign I opted to use stamp in those areas. 
On the license plate and the heart of my sign I used the Teenage Dream stamp set from Craftin Desert Divas.
On the main sign, under Nifty, I used the Picture That stamp set from Craftin Desert Divas.
I have some more pictures from Cabana Bay to scrapbook so you'll get to see a bit more later.
On the bottom of the sign I used Magical Memories from Jaded Blossom.