Father's Day Closet

In the spirit of pop up cards I decided to give this one from the book Pop up Cards by Jo Mathison a try. Very simple I know but the first time I tried this one I wanted to follow the directions. Next time though I will "dress" it up a bit more now that I have a feel for how it goes together.

Rush Delivery - Birthday

Mom's birthday is today and I had to create something whimsical as being mushy just isn't always mom's style. If you met her you'd love her - she is such a riot.

So anyhow, this card was made using

Mickey & Friends - plane cut at 3"

Hello Kity - gift cut at 1 1/2"

The font is Beach Type downloaded from dafont.com

The inside of the card says "Addressee is getting old fast"

Oscar Loves Golf - Birthday

Today was my husband's birthday and I spent a week or better trying to design a card for him that would include something pertaining to one of his main hobbies: golf and weight lifting. After several attempts that just wouldn't cooperate I created this card. Of course this ended up being a redo of my original design but dh loved the way it turned out....

For this card Oscar was cut at 4 1/4"

The number 36 was cut from the Sesame Street cart at 1" and then scaled down to the size needed

The golf balls are from Sports Mania cut at 1" and scaled down to the size needed

The I love golf sign was cut at 1 1/2"

And the font - Trash - was downloaded from dafont.com

Cookie Monster - Just Because

It's been a while since I've posted and I really had no idea how long until this evening. Life has just been so crazy lately.....

Last night I created this card and had envisioned it turning out differently. However, when I started to put it all together my original idea wouldn't work so I went for this instead.

For this card I used

Sesame Street Friends - Cookie at 3"

Paper Doll Dress Up - Palm Tree at 5"

Life's a Beach - Crab at 1"

This is only the second time that I have used the new Life's a Beach cartridge and all I can say is that I cannot wait until Design Studio is updated to include this one. I guess I'm just too spoiled with being able to visualize what I'm cutting before I actually do it.