Green M&M Gift Set

I had so much fun creating my red M&M gift set last week that I had to take a break from my embroidery this weekend to create a green one.  Using another one of the faces that was shared in one of my FB groups this is what I came up with. 
I love the way that this one turned out with the larger face on the mug.  Next time I make one of these sets I'll have to remember this and cut the file a bit larger.
Now if only I can find some other colored matching sets besides the red and the green....

Red M&M Gift Set

I decided to do a little more vinyl work this week.  When I was working on my Pokémon coffee and soup mugs over the holidays a lady in one of my groups shared her idea of creating M&M characters.  That idea stuck with me and so I went out in search of matching bowls and cups.  I didn't find many and what little I did find were all in red and green.
So today I'm sharing my red M&M gift set.  This is a perfect gift for an M&M lover and will work perfectly for a secret pal type swap.  Just add a bag of M&Ms and you're all good to go.

Bffs For Life

I haven't made a card in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd take a break from my other crafts and put one together.
For this card I decided to use one of the member's only files from Creative Cuttables.  If you haven't heard of Creative Cuttables that might be because they are formally known as Paper Piecing by Nikki or PPbN.  (They went through a restructure/rebranding last year.)  I've always loved her files so it was a no brainer to sign up for their SVG club.  It's a minimal cost but in return every file they create is yours for no additional fee.  The only downside (if you can call it that) is that so far they haven't released many files.  But what they have released is definitely worth the membership fee.
But I digress.  And no.  I'm not part of any design team or other team for them.  I just wanted to give you some of the details.
After putting my card together I couldn't decide what I wanted to use for my sentiment so I allowed it to just sit on my table for a day or so.  And after staring off at my card I picked up my stamps again this morning and decided on a sentiment.
The sentiment is from the Best Friends stamp set by Jaded Blossom.

Army vs. Navy Tic Tac Toe Game

I had a friend contact me last week asking if I could design a tic tac toe drinking game that was an Army vs. Navy theme.  Her brother is in the Navy and her son is going in the Army this August.  Since I'm always up for a challenge I accepted.

After laying out the design I sent the draft to my friend to see if it was what she had in mind.  She messaged back saying she loved it and within the hour it was done.

Now I'm done to materials for one more set and I have to admit that I'm sad because I've really enjoyed making these game sets.  I guess I really need to start hunting for more before they're really all gone.

Until then though I need to decide what I want to create for my last set.....

Beatles Tissue Box Holder

I found this pattern on Ebay years ago and immediately fell in love.  Not because I'm a huge Beatles fan but because I thought it was different and unique.  Little did I know (at that time) that the Beatles had had their own animated show at some point.  Even knowing that now I still think it's different, unique and certainly fun. 
So even though I've had this pattern for years I've only made one of these tissue box covers.  Until now.  Since I've cut back on some of my commitments it's freed up some time to do other crafts (such as plastic canvas) that are more time intensive.  I've always enjoyed doing plastic canvas.  It was my introduction to the crafting world since I could never get the hang of crochet.  With that being said you'll be seeing more of this craft along with others through out the coming months.

Nine Patch Quilt

I'm not the best at this quilting thing but I still enjoying trying my hand at putting one together every now and then.  So when I decided to do a nine patch quilt for my dad I had no idea that life was going to turn me every which way causing this project to take twice as long as it should to complete.
My dad is retired Air Force and I thought it would be fun to find fabrics that Air Force or military themed for his quilt.  Since none of my local, big box stores (JoAnn and Hobby Lobby) had such fabric I turned to Ebay and found more than I could have imagined.
Shortly after the fabrics arrived and I started to cut the patches for piecing together my granddaughter was born. Then work became extremely busy since it was budget and annual meeting season.  (I'm a licensed Community Association Manager by day.)  And then it was the chaos of the holidays and craft show season. 
I finally got it done though.  On Christmas Eve I was doing the final piecing when all of a sudden my sewing machine decided to quit working.  (Yes, I am a machine quilter - but only for the lap quilts.)  After letting it sit for a bit it worked again, long enough for me to finish at least.  And now I have to find the time to take my machine in to the shop so it can be serviced.  Geesh.  It's a good thing I have other hobbies. 
At the end of the day the quilt was complete and my when my dad opened his gift he said, "good, I needed another blanket because it's time to throw away the one I have."  So I'd say it was a pretty successful gift.

Martinsville Church

Over the holidays I became a bit of an Ebay fanatic.  I was in search of plastic canvas kits created by Dick Martin who is very well known in the plastic canvas "community".  Back in the day when plastic canvas was a popular craft his patterns were a must have.  Somewhere along the way, between having six children, making multiple moves and a divorce I rid myself of all my crafting wares.  It wasn't until I remarried that I was encouraged to take back up my crafting hobbies.  And now I have more than I did before!
Oh yeah, so back to my Ebay fanaticism.  😉  I remembered seeing this series of kits called Martinsville.  There was a Christmas themed one and a Spring/Easter 'ish' one.  Well I decided to begin my hunt for the Christmas version, and I found them.....except one.....the choo choo train.  There are 12 in all so 11 is better than none I guess.  But then, I'm not giving up hope either.  LOL
Even though the holidays or over and the new year has begun I thought it would be fun to sit down and begin doing some of my plastic canvas projects.  This way I have plenty of time to just chill while I work on them.  Much like cross stitch this is a craft that can take a while to complete.
So I started this set by stitching the church.  I love nativities so it was only natural that I began with this one.
Now I just have to decide which one to do next.