Grinch Candle Holder

A while back I shared some Bumble candle holders I had made.  Today I'm sharing some Grinch holders.  The Grinch is my all time favorite Christmas cartoon.  So much so that whenever we visit Universal Studios I have to go to Seuss Land so that I can find the Grinch and have my picture taken.  It's tradition!
To create these I bought wine glasses from the Dollar Tree and turned them upside down.  I applied my vinyl and then came back and sprayed the glasses with Krylon Glitter Blast in Citrus Green.  After that dried I sprayed with the Krylon sealer spray.
The Grinch faces are from a file shared in one of my FB groups.  The "fur" at the top for his tuft of hair is Lion Brand Fun Fur in lime green.  I thought the jingle bells would be a nice little finishing touch.

Sea Themed Applique

Much to my surprise my hubby upgraded my embroidery machine last week.  I mean I knew it was going to happen but I didn't expect to walk home with one in hand last week. 
After letting it sit for several days because I was too intimidated to even play with it I finally got brave and he and I sat down together one night and played.  We decided to start with something that if we messed up, we messed up - no big deal.  So we purchased a pack of receiving blankets from Walmart and chose a couple of appliques we wanted to use and got down to business.
My hubby chose the Whale Boy Big Eyes and I chose the crawfish which is a freebie that comes with the Big Eyes Sea Creature set from Applique Corner.  I was amazed at how easy it was to applique.  Okay, not "easy" but it was not as difficult as I imagined either.  Now that we've played and have a feel for the process we need to work on sizing and placement.
And then there's the having to pay attention and make sure that the fabric is 'square' and/or centered in the frame so that our projects don't come out crooked.  That's what happened when I did this Anchor Banner applique.  I thought I had it straight but something happened because it's slightly off.
Needless to say, we'll also be taking classes - yes, my hubby is doing this crafting venture with me every step of the way.  This weekend we'll be attending one to learn more about what stabilizers to use and when and all that sort of stuff.  I'm really excited to delve more into this side of crafting.....

Monstrous Treat Bags

I made a few more treat bags for the folks participating in our secret pal swap at work.  For these I used the different monsters from the recently released Monster Under the Bed file from Marjorie Ann Designs.

These little guys were so much fun to piece together. I loved playing with different prints on some of these guys.  On one of them you can see where I decided to even use a skittle for the eye in place of the black dot.  But then that's all part of the beauty of paper crafting isn't it?  Being able to have fun and create the final product to be what we envision.
The purse forms are from Jaded Blossom and the skittle is from DoubleClick Connections.

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Tree

Okay, now before I begin today's post I have a confession to make.  I belong to a couple of Dollar Tree craft groups on Facebook.  There I said it, but I'm not ashamed.  LOL
Last week a lady in one of the groups posted a picture of a Halloween tree she made using a mini Christmas tree she found in her local Dollar Tree.  Of course I had to find one of those trees because I was so inspired that I needed to create one for my husband.  After all Halloween is his favorite holiday.  Three Dollar Trees later I finally found one.  ONE.  That's it.  ONE tree and it was the 'display'.   I didn't know it was the 'display'.  Not until I got to the register.  I was scared that they weren't going to sell it to me, but they did and I thanked them profusely for doing so.
After coming home with my single Dollar Tree purchase I immediately set it outside on my trusty spool where I spray paint all my craft items in need of painting.  I ran in the house, found my black spray paint and sprayed every nook and cranny until my green tree was now black.  Once painted I allowed it to cure for several days before proceeding with creating ornaments to hang on it.
Originally I was going to use some of the flat disc ornaments from Hobby Lobby but they were too big.  And since I was not planning to run to a craft store this weekend I thought about the ornaments I'd made years ago using glow in the dark glitter.  I went to the shed, found them and brought them in.  After stripping away the vinyl I'd put on them so long ago I created new designs to take their place.  This time, I'd decorate with Nightmare Before Christmas designs.  I selected pictures from Google, traced them in Silhouette Design Studio, cut and applied.
A little fuzzy but they still glow in the dark
Now all I needed was a tree skirt.  So remembering that I had purchased some Nightmare Before Christmas fabric last season I pulled it out of my stash, drew a couple circles, cut them out and stitched the pieces together.  I wished I'd cut it a bit bigger but this one still works well.

With my tree skirt made I was ready to decorate my tree.  Thankfully I had one set of purple lights left from the several I'd purchased at the Dollar Tree a month ago.  The picture doesn't show the lights very well but the lights really help to pull it all together.  And hubby really liked his new piece of Halloween d├ęcor.

H-Owl-oween Treat Bag

Who doesn't love a surprise goodie bag full of sweets?  Every Halloween I love making treat bags for people at the office and this year is no exception. 
Today I'm sharing one that I made using one of the Halloween Owl Cuttables from Apex Cuttable Designs.  These spooky hoots sure make up easily and look at how cute this one is decorating my treat bag.  And those bats you see circling around my owl are part of this fun Halloween file.
My treat "bags" are really purses from Jaded Blossom.  After piecing together my owl all I had to do was use my Scotch adhesive glue and adhere him to the bag.  Now I have a great, fun gift to give to a co-worker.

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

Happy Friday everyone!  I don't know about you but I am more than excited about the fact that today is Friday.  It has been a very busy, crazy, exhausting week and I am ready for some down town.  You see in my "other life" I play the role of a Community Association Manager and this week kicked off Annual Meetings with two of my five Associations.  
Thank goodness for crafting.  If I didn't have all these crafty hobbies I might go insane.  And - well - now you know a bit about why my blog is named My Spot of Sanity.  LOL
So today begins another fun and exciting Anything Goes challenge at Cardz TV.  And let me tell you, our design team has created some wonderful projects to share with you today.  So after you've finished checking out mine be sure to hop over to Cardz TV and check out all the other projects.
Today I decided to have fun creating a fun Jack-O-Lantern.  Now if you've been following me for a while you may remember that I created some of these a year or so back.  One of them gets displayed at work and this year it's received a lot of compliments from co-workers, homeowners and vendors that have come in to see us.  So I thought I'd create another one just for you. 
The pumpkin is from the Haunted Forest kit by SVG Cuts and the stamped sentiment is from the Cardz TV Stamps set Frankly Frightful.
And now that you've seen my take on this week's challenge be sure to check out all the other designs.  Then create your own, link up and play along with us.  You have two weeks (October 27th) to do so.

BB8 Beanie

I thought I'd try something a bit different with my character hats and go for a Star Wars one.  Usually I like to sit back with the Minions, Ninja Turtles or a cute little mouse.  But I thought I'd give this one a whirl. 
Now before we go too far, just remember I'm still a newbie with my crocheting so yes, there are some mistakes.  When I decided to go for trying to make this hat in an infant's size I forgot to scale down the "extras".  Well, just the first big one really.  But me being me, I was too tired (and yes, lazy) to tear it up and start over again.  I guess I lucked out though because the recipient either didn't notice or was too nice to say so.
Overall it was a fairly easy hat to put together.  Heck, if I can pull it off anyone can.  Still I had some issues and I'm hoping that one day - sooner rather than later - this practice makes perfect thing will pay off and my crocheting will get better.