Final Post

After much thought and several discussions with my husband I have come to hard decision of closing down my webstore as well as my blog.  It's been a great nine years and I appreciate all the visits and kind words that I have received from my readers.

It's been fun sharing my passion for crafting but as life takes its many twists and turns I find that I do not always have the time for crafting or posting on so many social media platforms.  So in an effort to not stress myself out so much I am cutting back.  

I'll still be on FB at Barbara's Spot of Sanity.  I just won't be posting every day.

Before I go though I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite projects that I've made along the way....

Do you remember the glitter craze in 2009?  I used that technique on so many cards that year, but this was my favorite.  So much so that I have held on to this card.

How about the CD calendars in 2010/2011?  This was another fun craze that I joined in on.  I don't remember how many of these calendars I made but they were fun.

In 2012 my hubby bought me my first embroidery machine.  It was a small one from Joann's that we picked up on Black Friday.  After several attempts to learn how to use the thing properly I became frustrated and packed it away.  But not before I successfully embroidered these cute marshmallow snowmen.

In 2013 we made our first trip to both Disney and Universal Studios.  It didn't take us long to realize that we were more in love with Universal and the following year we became annual passholders.

And if you've been following my blog for any period of time you've probably realized that I am a bit of a Harry Potter fanatic.

In 2014 we joined the Elf on the Shelf craze.  We had a lot of fun with our elves that year - especially since we were able to find elves for each of our collegiate teams.  I pull for Alabama and hubby pulls for Auburn.

In 2015 I really got in to using Jaded Blossom stamps, and this was a project that I made for one of the customer appreciation challenges.

Last year I decided to make some Halloween décor for hubby.  Halloween is his favorite holiday and so I thought I'd surprise him with a few things.  This Nightmare Before Christmas tree was one of them.  (The ornaments actually glow in the dark.)

And that brings me to this year.  When our youngest son moved out of the house that gave me the opportunity to move into a larger craft room and this time I went to town with my décor.  I decided that I wanted a Harry Potter themed room and so I painted and decorated in said fashion.  (I'll be adding more décor after our trip in a couple weeks)  As part of that décor I made this wand holder for the wands we've purchased thus far.  Best thing is that we can add another plaque or two as we go.

Thank you all again for this amazing journey.  And if you want to continue along with me come on over and visit with me on Facebook.  You'll find me in my little Spot of Sanity there.