Three Rules for A Happy Thanksgiving

You know those Chic fil A commercials where the cows encourage you to eat more chicken?  Well today I want to share a card that I made back when I first got in to paper crafting.  Instead of cows though we have a disguised turkey encouraging us to eat anything but turkey for Thanksgiving. 
I had a lot of fun creating this card and since it's been a while I think it's one that I'll need to see about recreating and updating.  Now to find the time to do that.......
In the meantime though, here's what I used for this one.
Animal Kingdom for the Turkey - cut at 3 3/4"
PPDU for the hat and collar - both scaled to the sizes I needed to fit my turkey
Everyday PPD for the glasses - also scaled to the size needed
George - to create the sign, I used two of the shapes and welded them together
George for the numbers - cut at 3/4"
And for a little added fun this Thanksgiving check out the projects the design team made over at Hiding in my Craft Room.  They're cute, cute, cute, and I think I'll play along with them.

Child Friendly Thanksgiving Place Setting

I originally created this project back in 2010 but wanted to share this with you as we draw near to Thanksgiving this week.  Plus I noticed that my original post referenced the instructions being in a newsletter that is no longer available.......
Of course I can't take credit for this idea as it was based on inspiration I received from Scrapbooks, etc magazine.  In the article it showed great ideas for setting the table for the holiday and one of those ideas was a paper pieced turkey as a crayon holder.  Immediately the lights went on and I thought what a great idea - now let's expand it and that's just what I did.  So without further delay here are the instructions......

Child Friendly Thanksgiving Table Setting
Supplies Needed:

8 count box of crayons
Rubber band & piece of string/ribbon
1 ½ sheets Fall themed paper    
8 ½ x 11” sheet of white or off-white paper
Cricut ink pen
Design Studio or Gypsy
Cricut cartridges:  I used Thanksgiving, Create a Critter, A Child’s Year, PPDU and Animal Kingdom, TBBM

To Create Placemat:

1.       Using the guidelines provided in Design Studio or Gypsy place a variety of Thanksgiving related cuts on the mat staying within an 8” x 11” area. 

2.       Replace the Cricut blade with one of the ink pens and print the images.  Ink edges.

3.       Cut a 12” square paper to 9 ½” x 12”.  Adhere the white page to printed page.  Ink edges.

To Create Personalized Silverware Pocket:

1.     From TBBM cut one of the tag pockets in blackout (and no hole) at 11 ½”.  See pages 112& 113 of the handbook.

2.     If your paper is not a double print place your paper print down on the mat before cutting.  This will keep your print on the outside of the pocket when folding and putting together.

3.     Create name tag by cutting a pumpkin from Create a Critter at 1 ¾”.  Hide the facial contours to allow for writing the child’s name on the tag.

4.       Adhere tag to pocket.

To Create Crayon Holder:
1.       Using Create a Critter cut the turkey and needed layers at 2 ½”.  Ink edges.

2.       Build the layers for your turkey EXCEPT for the very back tail piece.

3.       Prick two small holes in the center of the very back tail piece.  Tie rubber band to the tail.

4.       Adhere tail piece to the turkey to complete build.

5.       Add crayons by wrapping rubber band around them to hold them in place.

 Note: Crayon holder was scraplifted from the December 2010 issue of Scrapbooks, etc.