Pooh's Dreaming of a White Christmas

Today was a rather stressful day at work. So much to do and a very short period of time to get it done in. Needless to say I couldn't wait to get home, cook dinner and get to work on finishing this card that had been running around in my head.

I had been trying to figure out a way to use the Snowman from the Pooh and Friends cart for a while and then this idea came to me the other day. Yesterday I started laying it all out, and then last night my youngest daughter decided she wanted to switch bedrooms with her brothers. So instead of finishing my card I helped her. Of course I had a good time, but I really wanted to see this through as well.

So here it is - It's not exactly the way I envisioned it, but then again they rarely are. Sleeping Pooh was cut at 2" and the snowman icon was cut at 2 1/4" and pop dotted for a bit of a 3D effect.

"Best Gift" Christmas Card

The inside sentiment for this card was found in a Jolee's sticker set I had purchased. I loved it so much that I just had to create my own take on it......It says, "The best gift around a Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in one another."

So for this card I used Speaking of Winter. The tree was cut at 5" and the snowman was cut at 3 1/2" with the image flipped. I embellished the treetop with my snow writer's pen and sprinkled with diamond dust while still wet. The ground was run through my Xyron Creative station and then sprinkled with a white/bluish glitter.

The background paper has more vibrancy to it than is pictured. For whatever reason my camera just wouldn't capture it. Perhaps if I ever get more table space I'll have to invest in a scanner printer so I can just scan my cards.....

It's Just Cheese - Altered Clock

I so love the way that this clock turned out.....

My boss has been given a new assignment and this Saturday will be my last day with her. So I just had to create a special gift for her to remember us. Needless to say there's an inside joke to the saying "it's just cheese" and bottom line is that it's something we say when it's time to quit belaboring a point.

The clock face is 10 1/4" so I cut a 9 3/4" circle using Accent Essentials.

From Animal Kingdom:

Large mouse is cut at 6.5"

Mice heads are cut at 1.5". For the eyes I used mini brads and painted the whites with acrylic paint.

Pooh and Friends:

"Cheese wheel" is actually the birthday cake from Pooh cut at 1.5" and reworked

Verbiage from Making the Grade was designed using Design Studio and is cut at 1.5"

To determine where to place the mice heads for the 12, 3, 6 and 9 I used a 5/8" circular punch to punch out the positions needed from the original clock face. I then placed this on top of mine and lightly drew the circles where the heads should be.

I Love Snow

You know how you have every intention of creating something brilliant and it just doesn't turn out quite like you envisioned? Well this morning I tried to do that. I had this great idea to cut out a scallop that had a design in the middle that I could string beads across like cards you see in the store. Problem was my choice of colors were just too dark, and since I didn't want to waste the cut-outs I created I had to figure out what else I could do with them. And so this card was born.....

The scallop was cut from AE at 4" and then embossed with the snowflakes folder.

I then dry brushed with white paint and when that was set I came back and rubbed it with my gold metallic ink pad.

The snowman is a chipboard sticker and the gold snowflake is an iron-on both from my stash.

Inside Sentiment: Snowflakes are kisses from heaven.

Nativity Card

Today I decided to try my hand at making a nativity scene using the PPDU cart. For the most part I'm pleased with the outcome.

The card size is 5" x 6.5".

Manager is cut at 4"

Mary & Joseph cut at 3"

Animals cut at 2.5"

Baby Jesus cut at 1"

Star from JOTS cut at 2", inked in red and stickled

For the inside "sentiment" I used Isaiah 9:6:

"For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government will be upon his shoulder, and his name will be called 'Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace' "

Blessed Home - Christmas Card

Tonight's a two for one since I have not had time to post the past few days. Life has been crazy getting ready for three Annual Membership Meetings set to occur in the next two weeks. Thank goodness for cardmaking or I'd be in a white jacket by now. :o)

This was also inspired by a card I saw (remember no time to be creative with all the board stuff going on). It didn't turn out quite like I had envisioned but there were a couple items I just couldn't get my Cricut to cut properly because of the small sizes needed.

The house is 2 3/4" from JOTS. I cut four different ones so that I could layer for effect. The snow was drawn with the snow writers pen and then sprinkled with diamond dust.
Fence is 1" from PPDU and cut to create two pieces

The background paper is from Heidi Grace Designs and is Frost Blvd/Snow Blues.

Over the Fields

I saw a picture of a card that was created like this using 3 dimensional stickers for everything. Well of course I just had to try my hand at making my own using my Cricut Expression.

The snowmen are 2.5" from doodlecharms (eyes are mini brads and the scarfs are scraps of fiber strands)

Sled is 1 1/4" from JOTS

Mittens are 3/4" from JOTS

For the hills I tore a couple pieces of white paper and then drew over the torn edges with my snow writers pen and sprinkled with diamond dust. The sled and snowman in the foreground are pop dotted for a dimensional effect.