Mom's Been Framed

Happy Wednesday everyone, and welcome to another installment in our bi-weekly Cricut Cardz Challenge.  This week we bring you the "You've Been Framed" challenge where the directive is to create a card using any frame from any cartridge of your choosing.

For my card I used:

Wild Card for the frame.  I loved the little 'cut-outs' in the corners and was immediately sold on using this frame.  For my backing I used pink and green aluminium 'paper'.  It made it a little difficult to photograph the card but it looks great IRL.

Forever Young was used for my 'mom' cut.  I used my Colorbox ink to color the hair and the shoes on her feet.  Then instead of adding the little embellishment cuts on the dress I decided to emboss it because I thought it would add more oomph and interest to the card.

Then, on the inside of the card..................

I didn't want to waste those cuts that were done in the corners of my frame so I used them in the corners on the inside of the card.

Now that you've seen my card for this week's challenge pop on over to check out the fabulous designs the rest of our team created.  Then when your all done looking create your own card, link up and play along with us.

C'mon, it'll be fun!!

Woven Top Hat with Flower

I've been making a lot of these hats lately so that I have what I hope will be enough stock on hand for the upcoming craft season.  Night before last though I wanted to see what it would look like if I added a floral type accent to the side of the hat and I really like how it turned out.

Now I think I'll have to add accents to more of these as I get them completed.

Want one for a gift?  Check out my selection of woven top hats.

Just 4 You

My daughter's birthday is this week and I sit here wondering where the time has gone.  Twenty two years seems like a long time but it has seriously gone so quickly that even I don't know what to think.  Growing up I used to tell her (and all the ones thereafter) that I was going to put a brick on her head to keep her from growing.  Of course back then they all thought that was funny and even now it will elicit a little giggle from her.

Now I realize this card I've put together for her is a little "childish".  I know this.  However, the one I had in my head that I spent hours on this morning before and after church ended up in the circular file.  Why you ask?  Well it was a glorious three tier pop-up first one ever.....and much like my real life baking skills it flopped. I won't bore you with the details but I will say I tried to salvage it and the more I tried the worse it got so I had to give it up.

For this card though I used:

3 Birds on Parade - the bird originally had a cupcake in its hand which I removed so it could hold the balloon

Create a Critter for the font - I cut away the balloon "string" and replaced it with memory wire

Hello Spring

Since yesterday was the first day of Spring I wanted to share with you a card that I made back a couple years ago.  This was the very first stair step card I made and I was so proud of the way it turned out.  For this card I used several cartridges including:

Paper Pups for the butterflies - cut at 3/4"

Stretch Your Imagination for the caterpillar - cut at 1"

Cricut Sampler (I don't have Walk in My Garden) for the flowers - cut at 2"

Zooballoo for the grass - cut at varying sizes for layering on the steps

Camp Out for the sign - cut at 2 1/2"

Animal Kingdom for the hello - cut at 1/2"

Needless to say once I finish getting my craft room put together (things have been crazy here and I should hopefully have it finished this weekend minus the new trim, carpet, etc.) I'm going to have to sit down and make some more of these kind of cards.  Especially now that the warm weather is back I'm feeling more 'motivated'.  LOL

Wearing of the Green

It's time for another installment of Cricut Cardz Challenge.  Today's challenge (#104) is brought to you by St. Patrick's Day where our directive was to make a St. Patrick's Day card using any cartridge we desired but using green as the main color.

Now I admit that since my craft room has been torn apart for about a week now I made a card that was simplistic.  However, I still love the overall look and feel to the card.  For this challenge I used only one cartridge:

A Child's Year

The card feature was cut at 6"
The girl holding the shamrock was cut at 2 3/4".  Because green is the primary color I wanted my shamrock to stand out from the brown and black so I cut a couple of other shamrocks at just under 1" and glued them in place of the one that was originally with this cut.  (hope that made sense.  lol)

On the inside of my card I used a couple of the shamrocks from the card feature and a couple of the smaller ones to help dress it up.

Now that you've seen my card hop on over to Cardz TV to take a look at the other wonderful cards our design team created this week.  Then make your own, link up and play along with us.

You're the Hip to My Hop

As I work on finishing the set up of my new crafting space I have another quick and easy card that I'd like to share with you this morning.

For this one I used the 3 Birds on Parade cartridge.  I always forget just how many cute little cuts there are on this cartridge and every time I pull it off the shelf I fall in love all over again.

The background paper is from the Tim Holtz Seasonal mat stack and is the perfect touch to finish off this Easter card.

A Mother Is....

Happy Friday everyone.  I don't know about you guys but we're expecting more rain again today.  Thank goodness I had nothing other than work in the game plan today.  lol  But they say the weekend is supposed to be nice so that means I should be able to get some more painting done in the old - new craft room I'm moving back into.  If all goes well I can start putting it all back together late Sunday or Monday.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a Mother's  Day card I made with you.  This is yet another of my quick, easy cards.  I used one cartridge, and one cartridge only - 3 Birds on Parade.

I thought this cut worked perfectly with this paper I found in my stash.  What do you think?

Oh and as for the sentiment.....on the inside it says "...someone you never outgrow.  Happy Mother's Day"

Woven Top Hat & Neck Warmer

Since it's the middle of the week I thought I'd share one of my recently completed loom knitting projects.  I wanted to make another woven top hat to go along with a neck warmer that I've been wanting to try my hand at making.  So I completed the hat first using my yellow KK loom only instead of using two strands of yarn for the weaving I used three and it turned out gaps in the top when I took the hat off the loom.

Once the hat was done, I moved on to making the neck warmer.  And to be honest I had an ulterior motive to make this particular neck warmer.  I wanted to learn making I-cords because there's a braided type scarf I found a picture of that I want to try replicating using this technique.

So anyhow, it took me two attempts to get this right and I like how it turned out.

Have I told you lately how much fun I'm having learning this loom knitting craft?  lol

Garden Gate

Good morning everyone.  Today I'd like to share with you a card that I created for Mother's Day.  While trying to decide what cuts to use for a Mother's Day card all I could think of were flowers.  So I decided to pull out my Freshly Picked cartridge and have a go at it.

For this card though I had to scale my hat down to a size that worked with the gate.  Other than that this card was very easy to put together.  Not that the scaling was least with Design Studio (or CCR which I'm still trying to warm up to.   lol)

And with that I start packing up my craft room today.  It's going to be a very interesting transition as I move some of my stuff into the corner of the dining room so I can move some of my daughter's stuff into my room and then some of my husband's into her now bedroom so I can start painting before I move into his room.  Did you get that or did I make you dizzy like me?  One thing is for sure - it's going to be a busy week........


This week I am going to be preparing to move my craft room to another room in the house.  My husband and I talked yesterday and decided that we are going to do a three room of the rooms being the one I began in years ago.  Before I move in though I am going to apply a new coat of paint to the current dull off-white walls, and paint them blue.  Of course I wanted to be sure that I had some projects completed so I could continue to share with all of you during this time of transition so I spent half of my weekend creating simple cards for Mother's Day and Easter.

That said, I'd like to share one of them with you now.......

This one was created using the Simply Charmed cartridge.  Very easily done, but with the right paper it has a clean and crisp look that says least for me.