Sad but busy day

Today my oldest daughter left home to go back to college in Georgia. It was a sad day for me since I'm not certain when I will see her again. College and the social life seem to keep her very busy. Which is a good thing I suppose because then she isn't getting into trouble.

So while I was trying not to cry and feel depressed about it all I decided to isolate myself and stayed in my craft room pretty much all day. I did come out long enough to do some laundry and cook dinner for the family, but other than that I made baby cards all day.

My boss, who has also recently left me (like yesterday) for a new position in Orlando, asked me to make 50 cards for her to give her sister as a gift. Since I'm still new to the card making arena they were all simple but I still love the way they turned out.

Now that the baby cards are done I can begin on some that I've been wanting to do and I can get back to scrapbooking too.