September through December

Whew - my 2009 calendar is now complete. And what fun I had designing and putting this together. Needless to say, I saved all my files for future re-makes. And I had an epiphany this morning too. When a month is over - don't throw the calendar page away - use it for a month themed layout. Viola! the calendar will now serve a dual purpose. How great is that?!?

For these pages I used the following carts:

Paper Pups
Stretch Your Imagination
Pooh and Friends
Graphically Speaking
Making the Grade

I also used a leaf punch that came with one of my many kits last year.

Oh, after completing this project I came to another conclusion. While the 5 1/4" tall pages work great and fit in the case individually - they do not allow for the page holder to recline enough when all pages are lying in the tray with only one month displayed. So for my next calendar I think I'll scale back to a 5" tall page and see how that works. But then again I might decide what the heck and leave well enough alone.......