Scrapping Real Life Events

This week I had to have out patient surgery and while I was sitting in the recovery room trying to escape the grip of anesthesia I told my husband that it was a shame we didn't have a camera so that I could scrap the event. So my husband being the smart man that he is whipped out his cell phone and began clicking away.

At first I wasn't really sure what to do. I mean how do you scrap something that isn't cutesy or fun? Seriously? I had no idea where to start and then I remembered seeing a Hello Kitty cut with her in the bed. "Okay" I thought "this is a start". After all there were pics of me lying in the bed.

But then as I started putting the Kitty cuts together I kept looking at the pictures I chose and started thinking about how I needed some kind of paper underneath them to help soften the look. Then it hit me. The file folder cut on Graphically Speaking - I could use that. So then I got to thinking about how I could do my journaling on the inside of the folder. And then it hit me again. I could scan in all the discharge paperwork I was given and tack it to the inside of the folders just like a mini medical file. Then my page could serve a dual purpose of recording the facts as well as the story.


Jackie said...

It is like I told my cousin the other day...Goin round in circles...a real photographer is like a real cowboy, a real cowboy sleeps with his boots on and a real photographer sleeps with his camera around his neck. Check out my blog about going to the doctor with my husband. It is: