Sesame Street Birthday Pop-up

Today is my niece's first birthday and I wanted to:

use the Sesame Street cartridge,

make a pop-up, and

try the pop-up layering technique

With that said this is the card that I created. Not too terribly bad for a first attempt, but it was time consuming. Will I try it again? Of course! I loved the way that it turned out - even if it isn't "perfect".

My only complaint - every picture I took washed out the colors.........I really need to invest in a better camera.

My finished card measures 6 1/2" x 5". The characters were each cut at 2 1/2", the cake and the balloons were cut at 1". The banner was computer generated but is also at 1" tall.

If you would like a copy of the tutorial please see the tutorials tab.

UPDATE: I am so excited because this card actually made the August 3rd edition of the Cricut Chirp newsletter. This is the 2nd time that I have had this honor and man is it exciting to see that my work was chosen with all the hundreds of projects that were posted on the boards that week.


~JulieH~ said...

i just saw this on the cricut MB what a fabulous card1! I love how you've layered the pop up. Perfect card for a little one!

Diane N said...

Homework Assignment:
Create a birthday card using Tinkerbell and Friends (one of the fairies...your choice)

Diane Neri aka The Chaotic Crafter