Free Standing Paper Pup Birthday

On the way home from work Saturday my husband and I were talking about how our son's birthday is today (Monday) and out of nowhere he says - yeah I think mom's is Tuesday. My jaw hit the floor - okay not really but still.....After verifying with my husband's step-dad that yes her birthday is Tuesday (tomorrow) I had to quickly get a card created so everyone could sign it and I could get it in the mail.

So yesterday morning I whipped this card together before we left for church. It's just another of my simple to put together cards, but I think she'll love it just the same.


Crayola58 said...

What a cute card... and you did it in a great record-card-making-time too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.,

Janis said...

I've got Paper Pups on order so I was so excited to see this! How cool!