Frog in my Pocket - Gift Card Holder

I finally got another one of my long awaited assignments completed.  This one I had to change up just a tad bit though.  The original assignment was to make a "card made with the animal kingdom cartridge. Maybe the frog...but have the card attached to or part of a thin box (cut from tags, bags, boxes, and more)for a gift card to go in"

I tried making a matchbox from TBBM but after two attempts I gave up.  I don't know if it was just me or what but it seemed like both matchbox cuts were either for the top or the inside of the box and when used together just didn't match up.  (no pun intended)

After two failed attempts I opted to go for an envelope style holder.   Other than TBBM and Animal Kingdom I also used Old West for the pocket.

For the matching gift tag I used a 2" square punch.


Janis said...

I love the frog sticking out of the pocket. I got to remember this idea. Thanks for sharing!