Father's Day Fishing T-Shirt

I was so excited that cutting fabric with my Cricut actually worked!  I had tried it a while back with no success but then I found a post on the Cricut MB that gave wonderful directions.  So I gave it another try last night.

My dad, who is now retired, is an avid fisher of both fresh and salt water.  Needless to say with all the fishing he does I never need to go to a seafood restaurant.  Besides I know that my seafood is really fresh when he's bringing it in.  Kinda like the red snapper that is in my fridge for dinner tonight.  Yum!

For this project I used Ultra Heat 'n Bond (my mom tells me there's a better product on the market that she uses now - guess I'll have to give it a try) along with my fabrics and Cricut.  The sun and fish were cut using Create a Critter and the water and fisherman were cut using Going Places.


BeeBeebabs said...

Cute t-shirt tfs