Wisdom - Ecclesiastes 7:12

Today's card is a very simple one.  One cut, that's it.  See?  Told you it was easy. 

Actually, I let this scrap of paper do all the work for me.  As I was reading the Scriptures on the paper the word "wisdom" was repeated a couple of times and it hit me that I should use that as the "theme" for the card. 
Now that that was decided it was time to find the perfect cut.  Something that would compliment and not detract from the Scriptures - I wanted the words to stand out.  That meant I needed a silhouette.  I reached for  A Child's Year and as I flipped through the choices I saw this cut of a child sitting, reading a book....

It was perfect - for me it was like a child - anyone - sitting down to read the Bible.  A truly perfect reflection of the Scriptures presented on this card.


scrappingfrog said...

Simple but like you said "perfect"

Beebeebabs said...

This is really nice tfs!!!