Fireplace Card Holder

The project that I want to share with you today while not paper crafted is related since it holds Christmas cards.  I made this from plastic canvas, and in my younger days I used to make quite a few to sell at craft sales.  It's one of my favorite Christmas projects and now that I have the Cricut I was able to actually cut "fire" to go in the fireplace.


GAscrappnGramma said...

I would love to know the size for your basket and any dimensions or instructions you may have for the canvas. I used to do lots of plastic canvas projects and that would be so fun and its soo cute. I would be making them for my whole family for next year. I'm sure there isn't enough time for it to happen this year. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Waseem said...

this is just cute and beautiful card you have shared..i might need it when use the design for plastic cards.