Family Movie Night: Truth Be Told

As a member of the BuzzBlogger program I was invited to watch a pre-screening of the upcoming Family Movie Night Move Trutch Be Told in exchange for my honest opinion.  And honestly, I have to tell you that  this has got to be the BEST ONE YET!  Don't believe me?  Check out the preview here.

Truth Be Told will air on Fox this coming Saturday, April 16th and you and your family will NOT want to miss this one.  Not only did the movie have a great cast of actors it also had a wonderful storyline full of fun twists and turns.

From the beginning I found myself sucked into the story and identifying with characters.  Then as the movie progressed I found myself laughing and crying right along with them too.  The writers and the cast did an excellent job bringing together a modern day story about the importance of being honest - with yourself and others.  And in today's society this is lesson that we can all use a reminder on.

There is just so much that I wish I could tell you about this movie, but I don't want to give it away.  I want you to be able to experience it as I did and enjoy it from beginning to end.  So please join me this Saturday at 8pm EST - 7pm CST and tune in to FOX to see Truth Be Told.  You'll be glad you did.