Baby's Toy and Action Wobbles

This past week I received my first shipment of action wobbles and I have been dying to try them out.  Ok not literally dying but I have been as anxious as a dog chasing a cat.  So with this weekend's show over and two new orders about a quarter complete I decided to set them aside and play for a few minutes.  But then my play ended up working into work for one of the orders.   Don't you just love how that happens sometimes? 

Anyhoo, I decided to go with a baby's toy as my action item because those are generally wobbly things.  I mean what better for my first use?  Baby Steps was my cartridge of choice for this card. I cut the baby girl at 5" and the toy at 2".

And in case you haven't seen or heard of action wobbles here's a little video to show you what they do.


Sherrie K. said...

Your little baby is adorable. I love the headband. This cartridge is one of my fav's to play with. Very cute and love the wobbles.
Sherrie K

Melissa said...

Very cute!