Crafting Spaces

Are you like me in that you enjoy seeing how others have set up and organized their craft rooms?  Well this morning I thought what the heck, I'll bite the bullet and share what my space looks like.  It's come a long way over the years.  When my husband bought me my first Cricut I shared a space with him and the kids in their game/computer room.  I was given a 6 foot folding table on the wall and that was my space.  Of course that quickly grew to adding a paper tower and a peg board on the wall.  Then the kids started graduating and moving  so I moved around from one room to another in the house.  I went from a 10 x 10 room to a 9 by something and last year I landed in my permanent room which is a 10 x 13 space.

So without further adieu, I give you my humble crafting space......Our first stop is my sewing corner.

I love this cabinet!  My mother-in-law gave this to me a couple years ago and it has been such a life saver.  Underneath the table are a couple doors that hide my meager fabric stash.  The ties on the door and the sweaters on top are eventually going to be turned into "upcycled" crafts.  And behind the door......
....are my knifty knitters and a small portion of paper stash along with my "upcycled" craft books.

Next stop, my Sizzix corner.

I must admit that I had my Cricut first but one day I found the Big Shot for such a ridiculously low price that I had to buy one.  From there I was hooked.  I admit; however, that I do not buy these dies at regular prices.  I wait until they are in the outlet or I have a 40% or 50% coupon to use in the store.  And the best part is that if I ever lose electricity again like I did for 3 days after Hurricane Ivan hit, I can still craft.

And all those books on the two bottom shelves.....the top one houses all my magazines that I go to when I paper crafting block and the bottom shelf houses all my plastic canvas and knifty knitter patterns.  And those cute little popcorn tins that you can kinda see on the floor house some of my plastic canvas supplies.

Just how are my Sizzix dies organized you ask?  Well if you move in close you'll see that I have them filed away in their handy dandy little storage organizers which I purchased from the Sizzix website during one of their Tuesday Teaser deals.  Each die has the color picture from the package adhered to it so that I'll know what it looks like.  For this I just cut out the pic, ran it through my Xyron Creative station and then popped it on.

Next you might have noticed that my work tables are next to this corner..........

I love that I have plenty of room to spread out now. Not to mention that I'm surrounded by two decent sized windows allowing for plenty of natural light.  Although, there have been times when I feel like it's still not enough.  It just depends on what I'm working on.

Yep, that's the Anniversary Cricut sitting in the back corner behind my jukeboxes.  I have another admission to make here......I still use my E2 and Design Studio over the Anniversary and CCR.  Oh I've used CCR a time or two but I love DS better.  Does that make me a bad person?  lol

So that leads me to the our next cartridge stash corner....

Okay, first things first here - yes I am a Law and Order addict.  Any time that it's on TV you can rest assured that it will be on in my room.  I don't care how many times I've see the episode.

After I started getting into my knitting loom obsession I started buying yarn at every turn.  Now don't get me wrong I had a small lot of it to begin with because of my plastic canvas crafting, but it got worse after the first of this year thanks to all the sales that Michael's had going on.  So I had to find spaces for it all and I started by cleaning up and consolidating this bookshelf and then I bought new cubes which are on my other wall.......

Of course my stash is nowhere near as bad as my mom's.  Her entire guest room is lined with bookcases of yarn and still hers overflows to boxes and totes.  At least I know where I get it from.

Now all those drawers you see house different things.  Some hold plastic canvas supplies such as Christmas minis and PC shapes.  Others hold paper punches and other paper crafting tools such as my heat embosser.  Some hold my card blanks and clear paper envelopes for storage/use at craft shows.  And then there's my stash of embossing folders, glitter and flocking powder.

Well I hope you've enjoyed my pictorial walk around my crafting space this morning.  I've enjoyed sharing and look forward to seeing others ideas and spaces.  Who knows I just might have to space lift some ideas along the way........


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Wonderful craft space!! So nicely organized!!
(I like DS better, too!!!)