Just 4 You

My daughter's birthday is this week and I sit here wondering where the time has gone.  Twenty two years seems like a long time but it has seriously gone so quickly that even I don't know what to think.  Growing up I used to tell her (and all the ones thereafter) that I was going to put a brick on her head to keep her from growing.  Of course back then they all thought that was funny and even now it will elicit a little giggle from her.

Now I realize this card I've put together for her is a little "childish".  I know this.  However, the one I had in my head that I spent hours on this morning before and after church ended up in the circular file.  Why you ask?  Well it was a glorious three tier pop-up cake.....my first one ever.....and much like my real life baking skills it flopped. I won't bore you with the details but I will say I tried to salvage it and the more I tried the worse it got so I had to give it up.

For this card though I used:

3 Birds on Parade - the bird originally had a cupcake in its hand which I removed so it could hold the balloon

Create a Critter for the font - I cut away the balloon "string" and replaced it with memory wire