Learning to Embroider & Making Scarves

Since I've been in the midst of yet another papercrafting creative slump and the guys have been playing video games all day I took the opportunity to play in other crafting ways.  Today I broke out the embroidery machine that my dh bought me for Christmas and decided to see how well it would embroider on sweaters.  I was very pleased with the outcome and decided to turn my play pretties in to one of my upcycled sweater scarves.
Don't you just love these adorable snowmen marshmallows?  I absolutely fell in love with them the moment I saw them so I had to buy the designs from Julia's Needle Designs here.  Of course seeing how well these turned out I know that I'll have to do some more but after making seven different upcycled scarves today (not all embroidered) that will have to wait for another day.
Don't get me wrong, making these scarves is easy as all get out.  Just cut a few squares and rectangles, serge them all together to your desired length, then back with a piece of flannel and boom - DONE.  Seriously, what could be easier?  And I get compliments on them all the time.  Of course the hard part comes from finding great sweaters at the thrift store.  But, if you're lucky like me you have a great one close by that sells their clothes dirt cheap.  And by cheap I mean yard sale cheap - not like some of these chain thrift stores that want almost new prices.  But I digress.....
....and since tomorrow is another glorious day off for us, I have a feeling that the guys will be back to their video games - and that means I'll have more crafting time.......just one of the many things I love about a long, holiday weekend. 
Hmmmm, wonder what I'll craft up tomorrow?