Southwestern Celebration

I don't generally play around with too many of the "free cut" previews offered by Cricut Craft Room as they don't appeal to me.  However, this past weekend I was bored and decided to check this one out.  I made several cuts not knowing what I'd end up doing with them in the long run, but hey they were free so why not add them to my rainy day stash?

I love the little silhouette characters for this card because they look like they're dancing and playing their flute in celebration.  So right away I decided to make this birthday card for my oldest daughter using some of the cuts I had made.  It's a fast and simple card but hey who doesn't like having one or two or a few of those lying around when needed? 


Audrey Frelx said...

Hello, my friend! What a beautiful card. I know that image so well as I found a stamp just like it years ago!!! I've not used it that much but now with the new southwest cart I think I'll find more uses for it! TFS and the reminder... lol!!!

Thanks for stopping by; I was so glad to see you!