Purple Monster Beanie

It's a cold one here in the Panhandle of FL today.  Undoubtedly not near as cold as other parts of the country but when you're used to 70 degree temps and you wake up to the 30's it's cold.  So today I have a loom knitted project that I'd like to share with you.
I decided to create a fun purple monster hat for this craft show season and these things went over very well.  They took a while to make up but in the end the time and effort was definitely worth the end result.
To create these hats I  knitted the brim using the garter stitch (K, P x 3) then I ewrap knit for 4, change to black and ewrap knit for 6, change back to purple and ewrap knit for 8 and the did the flat panel bind off (3 rows of k2,p2). For the hair I just cut strands of yarn and tied in knots around the hat starting around the 2nd to 3rd row above the eye. The eye I crocheted using black and chained five, slipped together then crocheted in the center 10x being sure to catch the tail in the SC stitches. Then I changed to white and crocheted two rows of HDC, changed to gray and crocheted one row of SC.
The yarn I used was Lion Brand Hometown USA brand yarn in Portland Wine (dark purple) & Minneapolis Purple (lite purple) and then of course black. It took about 1 skein for the hat and then one for the 'hair'.


Tina H said...

Eeeek this is so fun! I love this! Purple is my favorite color! You are so talented :)