Crawling in the Mud

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Today I have a layout that I'd like to share with you.  This one is another page in my mud run album featuring a picture from the Spartan Sprint I ran with my son last October in Kiln, Mississippi.  I was so excited when I came across this and a couple of other photos that I didn't even realize existed.
For this layout I chose to use a couple of different files.  I used the Mud Run file from Little Scraps of Heaven for the wall.  Then I also used the Mud Run file from Marjorie Ann Designs for the boy, girl and splats of mud.  

Initially, the girl was used for crawling through a tire and I thought that would be the perfect cut for crawling out from under a wall like we're doing in the picture.  And since I wanted both a boy and a girl I copy and pasted two of everything except the girl's pony tails.  How perfect is that?
After putting my wall together I decided to use one of the Spartan stickers from my stash to 'decorate' the wall similar to what Spartan does.  (Look closed at the picture and you'll see their Spartan painted on the wall.)  Of course mine turned out a bit more oval since my boards are spaced farther apart but that's okay.
And there you have it.  Yet another of the many mud run scrapbook pages for filling my album.  Heck I'm almost ready to being a new album.  And not a moment too soon as I currently have two more runs scheduled for May and June........


Miranda said...

Great page!!!! Love, love, love the mud spattered little girl and boy.

Joan Smith said...

OMG Your LO is amazing....your pics are amazing.....your story share is are amazing!!!!
Girl you truly are one awe inspiring gal....I can't even believe you did this...I thought only Kelly Rippa did things like this...OMG you need to be featured on Live and GMA You truly are one amazing gal....your post made my day....Love your LO it's so cute and you really did an outstanding creative job with your cuts on your page too. YOU so ROCK and did I mention AMAZING!!!! *LOL*