MS Spartan Shadow Box

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I sure hope that wherever in the world you are you are enjoying beautiful weather much like we are here in Florida.  I had so much fun being outdoors this past weekend and even got in some training for my next OCR (obstacle course race) but before I tell you about that I want to share a shadowbox I finally put together from the first race I did with my 19 year old son. 
We did this race last October in Kiln, MS and if you've been following my blog for any period of time you've seen some scrapbook pages from this race as well.  As you can tell this is us after the race and I definitely enjoying my banana.  :o)
For my shadowbox I used a couple of different files.  I used the Mud Run file from Marjorie Ann Designs for my boy.  Admittedly I did change him up just a little bit.  In the file he's has mud in his hair but I swapped that out for a headband and he's also holding a trophy which I swapped for a medal.  The medal is from the Cricut digital cartridge Track and Field.
Hopefully my next Spartan Race for this year will be a Super this October, and if all goes well my oldest daughter and I will be running that one together.  In the meantime I have a few runs in FL and AL that I'm doing.  My next one is coming up on the 16th so in preparation I spend some time outdoors with my "toys" doing some functional training.  I can't afford the time and expense of a Crossfit gym and this works so much better for me because I can go at my own pace.  So this weekend I was out there doing circuits of
  • tire flips with a 200+ pound tire - 5 flips one way and 5 flips back
  • Hit that tire with my 8lb sledgehammer, alternating arms as I swing for 20 hits
  • slinging some battle ropes and I have no idea what those things weigh but they are heavy and it's not as easy as the pros make it look ;o)
  • 20 squats while holding on to my 30lb sandbag
  • bucket carry - I didn't measure my distance but I just walked the length of my yard and back at its longest point.  And I have no idea what my bucket weighs but it's 3/4 full of rocks like they made us carry at the Atlanta Sprint this past March
  • finished it all off with a few spear throws as this is an obstacle that is nicknamed the burpee maker and I for one am tired of doing those burpees
Later I was off to the gym for a 3.56 mile run so that I could complete my Remember the Fallen virtual race.
And that was my Sunday Funday......