Barb Wire Crawl - Spartan Shadowbox

I love it when I am able to combine two of my hobbies together, and if you've been following my blog for any period of time you've probably noticed.  Even though it might take me a bit to get my shadowboxes completed after a race I still get them done....
Today's shadowbox is from the Spartan Sprint that I ran with my oldest daughter and her boyfriend this past March in Atlanta.  It was the boyfriend's first, my daughter's second and my third Spartan. 
This year featured several new obstacles and that presented it's own set of challenges.  Not to mention that this was my first race since completing physical therapy for a shoulder impingement that had me reduced to about 30% mobility.
Needless to say, I wasn't worried about time - then again I never am.  I just get out there to have fun, challenge myself and do it safely.  And I am happy to say that I was able to do every obstacle with the exception of the rope climb, but what else is new there? 
Back to my shadowbox though......for this one I decided to use a picture from my barb wire crawl.  I'm not sure what the distance was for this year's section but it was broken up in two parts this year and each section was full of the typical mud, bumps and fun.
To compliment the picture I chose to showcase I used the following files:
  • Dark Barbed Wire from the Cricut cartridge Old West.  This had a small section and I needed a longer one so I welded together four of the sections to create the length needed.
  • Girl in the tire (without the tire) from the Mud Run file by Marjorie Ann Designs.  Since I was crawling through the mud I wanted my girl to do the same so I cut a small slit in the 'mud' that I could fit my girl into so as to give her the look of doing the same.
So why do I run these crazy races you ask?  Aren't I too old?  Absolutely not!  You're never too old to do what you enjoy.   And well I do them because I want....


Scrapper69 said...

This turned out so dang cool! LOVE your Shadow Box! Have a Creative Day! :)

Scrappers Anonymous