Snow"globe" Belly

I have had several people ask how I created the snowglobe effect for the Snowman's belly on the card I've entered in the BBTB challenge. It was very easy actually. The 'globe' is nothing more than store packaging that I cut apart and kept for purposes such as this. I measured the diameter of the circle and using my Fiskars circle cutter I cut into the top layers of my card (leaving the main base in tact). I also cut a circle in the center of the snowman's belly where I wanted to globe to be.

Inside the circle I added a smidge of white glitter, pinch of silver/red/blue glitter that was mixed together and a pinch of mini heart spangles. I then lifted the white snow sheet and glued the edges of the plastic in place, laying the snow back over the circle. Then I glued the bottom of the snow sheet in place and added the snowman.

Viola, I now have a snowman with a globe belly.