Boy Scout Banquet Invitations

My nephew just passed his test/s to achieve the highest rank possible and his parents are putting together a banquet to celebrate. My sister asked if I would create the invitations because she didn't like any of the cards she saw so I asked her what she was looking for and this is what we came up with.

For this card I used:

the mountains cut as different sizes from Camping Out, .

the hiker cut at 1 1/2" from Going Places

the "patch" was cut from Accent Essentials at 1" and then sized smaller to fit my needs

The oath was created in MS Word


Jamers said...


I was given a wonderful gift and was asked to pass it on and I would like to pass it on to you. Please visit my blog at I wanted to say thank you for having a great blog and the chance for me to visit and learn from you.

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL invitation....your nephew is going to be SO touched by your wonderful job!!!!!! THANK YOU for your very very sweet comment on my blog!!! Has made me smile big time this morning!!!! Have a very blessed Monday!!!