When in Doubt - Spinner Card (with video)

So here is yet another new technique that I wanted to try - Spinner Cards.
This was fun to do, but I had to make some changes because I could not find a 1/2" circle punch when I went to Michaels and all I own is a 5/8". Not much of a difference to be sure, but enough to have alter the directions followed. And speaking of directions, you can find them at the Splitcoast Stampers website by clicking on this link here: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/resources/tutorials/spinner_card/ststampers.com/resources/tutorials/spinner_card/
For my first attempt at this type of card I chose to work with the cow from Animal Garden - thinking that was the cute one. However, it turns out the one I really wanted (and will use next time) is the one from Paper Dolls......oh well, live and learn right? The cow on the outside of the card was cut at 3" and the one for the inside was cut at 2".

Another issue I ran into when putting the card together was that I did not think about the inside being raised and the card front therefore needing to be longer than usual with room for the special fold that would be needed to accomodate the inside. So after putting the card together I had to do yet some more quick thinking and created the special fold so that the card would close. This now left the front a little bit shorter and needing something to keep it closed. To accomplish this I folded another glue dot in half and placed a flower in the bottom center of the card to act as my closer - problem solved.

I have also created a 5 second video so that you can see for yourself just how this card works. Again, it was a lot of fun putting the first one together and this was certainly my learning curve but I will create more of these....