Milk Carton Treat Container

I wanted to try something new and different as a treat holder and this is my take off from the sour cream containers.  For whatever reason I have never been able to really put those silly things together well enough.  Maybe because I always wanted to fill them too much?  I don't know.....but this is easier for me because I know when it's so full I can't add any more.  ;o)

I created the milk carton cut using Design Studio and George so if you have both of those and would like the cut file you'll find it under my files and tutorials tab.  I also have the instructions ready for dowload as well in case you need them.

Since this was my first go round as a trial I didn't really embellish my container too much but I still think it turned out really cute.  My bear is from Campin' Critters and my little fish is just a brad from my stash.

Hope you enjoy and if you happen to create one of these containers I'd love to see what you did with it so please let me know so I can hop over to your blog and take a look.


Lisa said...

This is just absolutely adorable! I love it :D


Stephanie said...

Fun fun! I bought Campin' Critters, but still havent had a chance to play with it much!