Official Visit from the Tooth Fairy

I was inspired to create these tins thanks to a stamped version I saw.  I found my tins in the dollar bin at Michael's but now that I've made these two I'll have to go back and pick up a pack of the wedding favor tins.  They'll be smaller versions but will cost less to make in the long run.  Not to mention the fact that I couldn't find a tin in boy colors in the dollar section.

For my version I used George for the circle cut at 2 1/2".  Added the verbiage using MS Word - Arial font and using word art to create a 2" circle.

The tooth is from Baby Steps cut at 1 1/2".

I made the pillow myself as well, but the pic doesn't show the dimple I put in the center of the pillow very well.  Could be because of the button I added in order to give the tooth a perfect resting spot while waiting to be 'cashed in'.


Melissa said...

Really, really cute! That tooth is adorable. And I like your pillows too. My little guy is trying to cut some really big teeth right now and he is so miserable.