Outdoor Nativity Set: Product Review

I was provided with a wonderful opportunity to set up, display and review this beautiful outdoor nativity that you see pictured.  Now before I tell you about the nativity I want to apologize that my yard isn't as well manicured as most but seeing as how I have massive oaks, grass that never wants to grow because of the trees, dogs and children, I have what I have.  lol  Even still this nativity puts the focus where the focus needs to be.....

So who made this little beauty and where do you purchase one?  Well let me tell you.  Outdoor Nativity Sets is a  child company of Teak Isle Manufacturing - a marine supply company.  In 2010 they faced the possibility of having to lay off some of their workforce due to the economic challenges.  Instead of doing so they listened to an employee who recommendation that they try building nativity sets for the holidays as they had done in the past and the rest as they say is history.

Made of a marine grade plastic this nativity is different than any I have ever seen.  It's simple in design, and as I said earlier leaves the focus where the focus needs to be - on our Lord.  The set up was amazingly quick and easy.   And when the season is over everything will be able to be stored in one box thus minimizing space unlike the plastic or inflatable type nativities.

Now all I need to do is start purchasing the add-on pieces such as the angel, wisemen or shepherds.  And you need to "run" on over to Outdoor Nativity Sets to purchase yours today.  What are you waiting for?