'Prairie Primer' Quilt

It's been about 8 years in the making but I have finally finished my Prairie Primer quilt.  Years ago when I used to homeschool my children I belonged to a yahoo group dedicated to all things related to the study of the Little House on the Prairie books.  Now, if you're asking yourself what one could possibly have to study that would turn these books into schooling - you'd be amazed.

When my children and I used these books for our schooling one year we learned all sorts of things.  We studied the gold rush, learned about various Indian tribes, learned how to make butter/jerky/other foods, learned a variety of 'crafts' such as sewing and making soap, we learned about homesteading, the Civil War and many other history items and we learned a variety of science related items about the human body and nature.  It was a great year and I think one of the most enjoyable of our homeschooling.

Now during our time in this group the ladies got together and decided to do a quilt block swap.  We all designed a block that told who we were and what state we were in and the fabric was related to something studied in the Prairie Primer.  Once I received my blocks I decided to make a Jacob's Ladder block to intertwine with mine and then put my quilt top together.  Well that was as far as I went all those years ago.

Fast forward to a couple months ago when I came across my quilt top and decided it was high time that I finish putting it together.  A month later I am happy to say that she is finally done and ready to be enjoyed!


Glenda said...

Lovely quilt! Enjoyed your story about the quilt. How great for a swap!