Upcycled Sweater Scarf

Over the Thanksgiving holidays I was introduced to a new craft called 'upcycling' and just fell in love with some of the things that I saw being made.  I began searching all over the internet, looking at blogs, etsy and anywhere I could find more on this interesting and not so surprising craft.  The more I looked the more I knew that I had to participate and so it began.....

I bought a couple of new books from Amazon Sweater Surgery and The Sweater Chop Shop.  Both books have some fabulous ideas but before I could play I had to find some sweaters so off I went to the thrift store where I found several for $1 to $3 each.

Now rather than hand stitching some of the projects I wanted to stitch them using a serger because I loved the look it gave to the finished project.  Problem was this I didn't have one......And true to his nature, my wonderful husband bought me one for Christmas!  However, I did not have time to actually sit down and learn how to use it until this weekend when I finally stitched my first (and oh so easy to do) upcycled project.

This scarf was so easy to do.  I snipped the sleeves off of 4 different sweaters.  Cut them along the seam to open them up and then cut as many 6" x 7" squares as I could from each sleeve.  I then laid my squares out into a configuration with which I was happy to create the desired length.  The I stitched the squares together one at a time with the wrong sides facing each other so that when the stitching was done you would see it.

See I told you it was easy.  And what a great idea for using up those unwanted sweaters you have hanging around on your closet shelf.