Book Reviews: Firebird & Unconditional

I was recently presented with the wonderful opportunity to preview a couple of new books that are on the market.

The first is a child's book, Firebird - written by Brent McCorkle.  As soon as I saw the cover I had to read the story.  And what a wonderful story it was.  Firebird is a little baby oriole who -like me - LOVES the sushine.  But one day when a storm comes in Firebird asks his momma why God allows the storm to take away the sun.  To this his momma enourages him to fly up through the clouds and storm to see what lies on the other side.....

What follows next is a wonderful illustration about how the Lord is allows there with us - even in the midst of a storm.

This is a wonderful story for the young and the still young at heart.

The next book, Unconditional, written by Eva Marie Everson is the story of Samantha Crawford an author who at first glance has the world by the horns.  She has a loving husband and a career that she loves.  But one fateful night her world changes when her husband is senselessly murdered. 

After that night Samantha begins a journey down a road that leads to near self-destruction as she attempts to take her life.  But the Lord has other plans for her and she is instead reunited with a childhood friend - Joe.

Joe, who is dying lives a life full of sacrifical services to children without fathers.  And while Samantha watches Joe give tirelessly to the children she begins to find new purpose in her own life.  Along the way the police find her husband's killer and Sam becomes torn between the desire for revenge and grace.

Inspired by real life events this is one book (or movie) that is sure to touch your heart strings as it serves as a gentle reminder that God's grace and love are always there surrounding us no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in.