Upcycled Sweater Scarves

Olive Oyl
I got my serger back from the sewing repair shop the other day and while I was headache free this weekend decided to sit down and put a few scarves together.  I love finding great sweaters at the thrift store (the one where I can get them for $1 each), cutting them up and piecing them back together again.  It's like creating art from puzzle pieces. 

Flower Power

Purple Crown

Pocket Scarf

After cutting out squares for an hour or so yesterday morning I sat down and found that I had cut enough to make three scarves and still have a few squares left over.  The fourth scarf was one that I had almost finished putting together when me serger died last weekend.

Now talk about a disappointment.  My serger isn't even a year old yet and it was only the second time I had sat down to play with it.  But I am grateful that the same gentleman who repaired my mom's machines growing up is still around.  He does awesome work and is very reasonably priced.  And now that it's all fixed up my serger is running better than ever........