Spongebob on Parade Layout

During our trip to Universal Studios we were surprised around dinner time to find that a parade was getting ready to begin.  We had no idea what cast of characters we would see but it was a parade that was sure to be fun. 
Unlike the parade we attended at Disney the streets were not roped off and the characters interacted with the crowd.  This parade while shorter was definitely more fun.  We saw characters from Despicable Me, SpongeBob, Hop, Dora and I forget who else.
During the parade there were several minutes where it came to a stop and the characters performed for those they were in front of.  I was excited to see that our performance would be by the SpongeBob characters.  It was so wonderfully refreshing to see the cast come to the sidewalk, squat down and talk with the children.  They weren't in a hurry to rush away but rather stayed and hugged, held hands for a moment and just talked with them.
Yes, this was definitely a better parade than the one at Disney....