Bean & Potato Chowder Recipe Page

Today we're taking a brief break from Valentine's Day so that we can bring you scrapped recipe album page complete with a wonderful cold weather recipe.
To create this page I used the Bon Appetit chefs file from Too Cute by Jessica.  Now I have to admit that this particular file had some challenges when it came to putting the pieces together.  But if you have the patience it is well worth the effort.  Even though it was more difficult than other files I've done it was still fun.
I loved the way Jessica had these guys doing the pyramid in the file pic so I decided to run with it and recreate the "scene" for my recipe page.


DIANA L. said...

This is so super cute I love those chefs Have a blessed day

Joan Smith said...

Your recipe page is just as adorable as can be....gosh what a Fab & Fun idea for a cook really did one outstanding creative job....what a treasure to give someone with all your favorite recipes. YOU ROCK!!