I Heart You

Today I'd like to share a Valentine's Day project I put together using this great file with the mouse hands in a heart shape.  This was one of the last files I downloaded from an SVG group I was in before the group was closed.  I'm so glad to because I love this little file.
The ornaments were ones that I found in the Christmas clearance isle at Michaels last week.  I got them for 75% off and now wish I had picked up more than three packs.  But I didn't want to be too greedy either so I left some behind so that others could enjoy making projects as well.
To create these ornaments I used the Mop 'n Glo "method".  Just pour a little mop 'n glo inside the ornament and gently swirl it around so that the entire inside is wet.  Pour the wax back into the bottle and then add in glitter.  Put a finger over the opening and then shake the ornament around so that you get glitter to stick to the inside with no pockets.  Then place back on the tray and allow to dry overnight.
I cut the hands and bows from vinyl - using the printable vinyl for the bows.  I tried to layer regular vinyl but because of the size of the project the holes didn't cut too well.  Even using the printable vinyl had challenges though because the bows were so small that the machine could not register the cut marks.  That meant having to print and then cut by hand.
Still I think they all turned out beautifully and I can' wait to give these away as gifts this Valentine's Day.