Baby Basket & Quilt

Now that my daughter's baby shower is over I can share with you the remaining items that I made for her baby gift.  It all began really with this quilt that I picked up over the Thanksgiving holidays so that I could have something to do while sitting at my in-laws house.  Whenever we travel there for the week I always to some crafts to do since we stay up late watching TV and talking.  But last year I finished what I had early and needed more.  Needless to say, I forgot how tedious it was to do cross stitch and just finished this quilt last month. 

I used the quilt for part of the padding at the bottom of the basket.  On top of that I used a piece of cardboard that I wrapped in pink tissue paper as the support for my sleeping baby diaper "cake".  This became the focal point for the basket.  It was funny though because my daughter didn't realize that's what it was when she was first handed the basket.
Also in the basket was a set of baby socks, washcloths and spoons that I turned into pea pods and lollipops.  
Oh and then there's the baby announcement frame that I made.  I used it as the "backdrop" for the basket. 
And of course the kids loved it.


Scrapper69 said...

WOW! Everything looks amazing! Such wonderful gifts and cute ideas... I'm sure your daughter just LOVED that beautiful quilt - Have a wonderful day!

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