Cornish Pixie Jars

During our trip to Universal Studios this year we spent more time than usual exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Diagon Alley.  We rode more of the rides, visited more of the shops and really became more interested in the characters and stories.  Sure we've seen the movies - who hasn't?  But that was so long ago that honestly don't remember all the details.  Not like some of the fans we ran into. 
When we returned home we decided to buy the books.  Which I started reading first because I'm more of a reader than my hubby.  And I also joined a fun group on Facebook that shares their love for Harry Potter and crafting.
That's where the idea for the Cornish Pixie Jars came from.  A lady there shared hers and then shared her file so others could create the jars.  The main difference in hers and mine is that she decopauged her jars, and I simply sprayed mine with the frosted glass spray.  Oh and she did use mason jars for her lights.  However, when my husband and I went to the craft store we agreed that it would be better to use a style of jar that resembled more of the apothecary type jars - after all we are talking about wizards and magic.
Pretty cool night lights don't you think?


Scrapper69 said...

Those turned out fabulous Barbara! LOVE this idea... does the frosted glass spray work really well? does it drip at all.. or spray perfectly? Length of dry time? just wondering cuz I've thought about buying some in the past... then read your post.... so I thought I would ask someone who has tried it first hand.... thanks for any info! :)

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