UPDATED: Back to School and Blog Candy

No you don't have to become a follower - I'd rather have someone follow my blog because they want to and not because they have to in order to win.

I wanted to make this opportunity fun for everyone involved. And what better way than playing up the whole back to school theme. That said, you are going to send me back to school - sorta by giving me a homework assignment......

To enter for a chance to win look over the list of cartridges I own and then leave a comment giving me a "homework" assignment for creating a new greeting card. Please include (at a minimum) the following:

Name of cartridge

Which cut/s on the cartridge to use

Theme (i.e. encouragement, birthday, etc.)

Your Cricut MB name, a link to your blog or email address (so that I can message you if you are one of the winners)

All "assignments" must be given by midnight August 17th.

I will choose three winners which will be chosen at random on August 18th and then contacted for their mailing address.

Once the drawing has been done I will begin doing my homework and will post the finished assignments here.

  • The Grand Prize winner will receive all items pictured above.

  • The other two winners will receive the card I create based upon the homework assignment they have given to me. With that said theirs will be the first cards I create and post.

If I receive at least 25 homework assignments the Grand Prize winner will also be the recipient of their choice of one of the two cuttlebug folders shown here.

Good luck and thanks to everyone who decides to play along.


Brenda said...

OK...I'll play along. :)

Here goes:

Cartridge: Locker Talk

Cut to use: You may use any cut! :)

Theme: Back to school

I have been thinking about making Back to school cards to send to my grandchildren. To help them ease into the new school year and give them a little bit of encouragement, that they will do just fine!

Have fun with your "homework" assignment!

The theme is so fitting, don't you think? :o)

Brenda ~ Shylow27@aol.com

pnlwallace said...

I love the opportunity but don't know that you will like my suggestion:) I would like to see a shape card from the Dreams Come True cartridge. I have that cartridge but just haven't had the time to play with it so would love some inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Locker Talk-cut of the lockers
Fun card that says something about remembering the combination. We're starting high school and the school is huge with lockers at the end of every section. Of course, not hard for a mom to get lost!

Preoccupied said...

You have a great blog! I love seeing all the cuts from the various carts. I'm shocked at seeing some cuts I love and realizing I own that cart! LOL
Id love to see some manly cards from the Camp Out cart. My husband loves four wheeling and fishing so that would be great or any other cut.
Thanks and have fun with all these challenges

The Creative Mind of Melia said...

Name of cartridge: Doodle Charms

Cut to use: Pumpkin or spider

Theme: Halloween

mshady said...

I would love to have you make a card that I could give to my daughter. She enters high school this year and is very nervous about it. She is shy and has a hard time getting out of her comfort zone.

Name of cartridge:
Locker Talk

Cut to use: Puzzle on p. 68 maybe something about the confusion of HS but how it will fit together for her?????
or Backpack on p. 40 maybe something about carrying her dreams with her????

Theme: First year of HS and the journey into the "real world"

This is a great idea and from viewing your cards I am sure you will come up with some great things. Can't wait to see them.


ChristinaK said...

I would love to see a birthday themed card using the elephant and giraffe cut on pg. 126 of Zooballoo.

Many thanks for the chance to win!!! I can't wait to see what wonderful creations you come up with!

Lois said...

Cartridge to use - Zooballoo
Cut - Your choice of any two animals

Theme - Welcome back to school.

I am making cards for my daughter's EI class to welcome them back to school and would love to see some ideas.

Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Lisa Scrappingpinklady said...

I would like to see you use the home decor cart. Cut to use the adorable bird cut with big tail feathers. Type of card A baby card.

Enjoy your homework assingment and have fun.

Lisa Scrappingpinklady blog is http://lisasgreetingcards1.blogspot.com

Debby said...

First off I wish I had half of the cartridges you have. Wow!
I would love to see a card done that would be an "Off to College" my daughter is heading off to college on the 21st of this month and it is my first one leaving home. :-( She will be more than 2 hours away. I would love to give her encouragement as she is starting to feel like she don't want to go now. Very worried she is.
She loves animals and sea life, so I am thinking something with a sea life theme. Maybe using the Zoo one. Not sure what is on that one. She wants to go swimming with Sharks! Mom is not sure she is ready to let her go after hearing that!
Thanks for the chance at the wonderful blog candy.
Angel hugs
angels5.2005 at gmail.com

missychan said...

Great Idea! I love your blog... and I'm a follower now... 'cause I want to be, LOL! Ok- now for your homework:

Cart: Hello Kitty
Cut: "Pick your kind" as my DD says
Project: A card

HK is my DD's favorite... and I'm running out of ideas, so maybe I can scrap lift yours when it's finished?

Thanks again and have fun! Can't wait to see all the things you come up with!

CMB Name: Missychan

Anonymous said...

How about Pooh & Friends

Use Piglet

and make a Get Well Card

I just love Piglet!


Wendy Raffin said...

I am new to the "Cricut world", and need a "Congratulations on your new home". I thought the Home Accents cart would be nice. I am not sure of the cuts. I am not very creative, which is why I love your blog!! Maybe the chandelier, for an old world look? or something fresh and sassy would be fine. Thank you for considering it. gwraffin@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Love the idea! My assignment is to make an It's School Time Again card for a high school student using the locker talk cartridge with cuts making a homecoming school spirit hallway with a welcome banner.

Have fun with the assignment!

Kim - kim2stamp@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Oh what a FUN idea!!!!

I would love to see you use the Tinkerbell cart with an image of Tinkerbell. The card would say something like DREAMS DO COME TRUE. This could be used for a card of encouragement when someone has something exciting has happened to rejoice with them. Pregnancy, first job, vacation to Disney...whatever. Becky at momathome42000@yahoo.com And how do you subscribe to your feed?

Vicki said...

Oh I want to play. I love challenges of any kind. This will be really fun. Here is your assignment.

You are to use the SYI cart, Zooballo cart and Pooh and friends cart.
Use the tree from SYI with the apples on it. Use the grass from Zooballo- this can be either the tall grass or the short grass, which is the shift lowercase feature or for extra credit use both the short and tall grass
Use any character from The Pooh and Friends cart other than Pooh. You will also need to use the basket of apples from Pooh and Friends.
For extra credit add either a piece of ribbon or other embellishment.
the theme of your card needs to be a back to school theme-
Here is a link to my blog so you can contact me if I am one of the very lucky winners.

I am a follower of your blog and love all the cards that you have created. this is going to be a lot of fun, I can't wait to see what all you come up with.

I love back to school time
Vicki Powell

Anonymous said...

I would you to make a Birthday card using an embossed background , Mickey font and Mickey character cartridges.

Pat in MD Pas313@aol.com

carol said...

so I get to tell you what to put on a card? this will be interesting.
I would love to see a Christmas card
with PDDU. use the Mrs Clause in the card, and to make it more interesting try to make it in a different fold card.
I think I just make one also!
good luck!

rstuck2003 said...

Cart: Christmas Noel

Cut/s: Any you want to use!

Theme: Christmas Card


RavenRT said...

What a great idea to get new inspiration! I love seeing how creative people can be!

CART: Sesame Street and Friends

CUTS: ELMO (of course!)

THEME: Starting Pre-School


Diane said...

Cart: Christmas Cheer

Cut: Candy Cane

Theme: Christmas (that was kinda obvious)

I would love to see what you'd come up with using this cut. I've had a couple of ideas for it, but have never actually done anything with it. dhodrick@gmail.com

Barbara said...

Your blog is really great. Love your card designs.

My assignment for you is one that is really simple.

Cart: Christmas Cheer OR Christmas Noel OR Joys of the Season

Cut: any

Theme: Christmas

You may use cuttlebug; but do not use Design Studio.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea!!! I am busy making Christmas cards so thought that would be a good assignment but seems many thought the same! Then I thought a cute Halloween or Thanksgiving card. Going through my carts to find something different I looked in Paper Pups. For some reason I forget about how cute that cart is. So my assignment for you is to make an I Love You card. I love the tree and birds so you must use those cuts along with the i love you banner cut. For bonus points you may also use the border dog and cat or even just the dog and cat cut. Most of all have fun challenging yourself and thanks for letting us help you with that!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
My sixteen yr old daughter would like
Theme getting ready for First Prom
Cart. Mickey and Friends
Cut any of the girls
this would be used as invite for the girls to get ready
Have fun

remus79 said...

What fun stuff! I would like to see you use the following:
Cartrideg:Graphically Speaking
Cuts: Any of the TIME features - words, phrases, clocks (hopefully a graphic and a word or phrase)
Theme: manly college graduation

Good luck!

osucowgirl93@sbcglobal.net said...

Ok I am really excited about any of these cards. Mine is going to be:
Cart-Sesame Street
Theme-Birthday or first day of preschool or Kindergarten
Cut-Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and/or Zoey

Hannah osucowgirl93@sbcglobal.net

Regina G. said...

Cartridge: Happily Ever After
Cut: Treasure Chest (page 67)
Theme: Love

rlg510 @ Yahoo.com [remove spaces]

Karma said...

You are gonna have your hands full with all these ideas! Hopefully you didn't set a time limit as well as such a steep challenge for yourself!

I'll make it easy on ya...kind of! >=) <-- evil grin

How about Paper Pups for the cart, using any of the Christmas themed cuts like the doggies in stockings or the Santa doggie, perhaps with the fireplace? And of course, the Christmas theme!

Can you tell we all want to start scraplifting your Christmas ideas?? :D

Have fun and congrats on reaching your self imposed goal! Dreams really DO come true..oh wait, that's a different cartridge!

Leah's Card Designs. said...

Homework Assignment:

Cartridges: Mickey&Friends, Locker Talk

Cuts: Any from Mickey&Friends, Locker Talk something related to kindergarten

Theme: child entering into kindergarten.

I would like this as my son is now entering Kindergarten. He has been in school since he was two. He's a special needs child so this would be great to see. I want to say your blog is great and I love this idea.


Anonymous said...

i would love to see what you do with the stretch your imagination anything to do with halloween esp the spiders they are too cute and well it'd be a halloween card! :) hehehe there are so many carts i'd love to have but never have the $$ when they are on sale! have fun and cant wait to see your creations!!

shelbywoo... emilyt1@austin.rr.com

DonnaMundinger said...

What a cool idea Barbara! This is sure to keep you busy! Let's see, I'd like to see you do something with Jubilee using the house feature. It can be any type of card. I was so excited to get this cart, and now I just can't do anything with it. Thanks! xxD