Combination Confusion

Okay, I couldn't stand it.....I had to start working on the challenges even though the "contest" isn't over until Monday night.

"The homework assignment given by Anonymous said...
Locker Talk-cut of the lockersFun card that says something about remembering the combination. We're starting high school and the school is huge with lockers at the end of every section. Of course, not hard for a mom to get lost!"

So for the last three nights I have worked on designing this card and trying to figure out what I was going to use for the inside sentiment. Tonight I completed the card - and not a moment too soon because as soon as I cut out the project my file corrupted and I lost everything.
For this project I used the following cuts:
Locker Talk - Lockers cut at 4" and pop dotted for layering
PDDU - Girl cut at 3" also pop dotted
Indie Art - Angel cut at 1" and shrunk to fit across the shirt
Plantin Schoolbook - numbers and question marks cut at 1"

The inside sentiment for this one says:

Confused by all these numbers -
Do I turn right or left?
With lock in hand
I turn the dial
Leaving my brain to do the rest

Well Anonymous, what do you think? Did I pass your test?

Now to decide which one I'll do next.......


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That captures it perfectly!!! I am not anonymous but you did a good job.

Becky (

Jeannie Phillips said...

This is just adorable...a perfect starting middle school card... wonderful job...just wonderful... so fitting...

Blue6366 said...

Becky - of course you're not anonymous and I hope that I did not offend you. However, the original comment did provide a name - thus the anonymous comment. I do apologize if it did offend and I appreciate your understanding and playing along....
Stay Tuned as the winner will be announced tomorrow evening.