Pooh's Pickin' Apples for the Teacher

Tonight's card was created based upon the homework assignment given by Vicki - the grand prize winner. Vicki said, "Here is your assignment. You are to use the SYI cart, Zooballo cart and Pooh and friends cart.Use the tree from SYI with the apples on it. Use the grass from Zooballo- this can be either the tall grass or the short grass, which is the shift lowercase feature or for extra credit use both the short and tall grassUse any character from The Pooh and Friends cart other than Pooh. You will also need to use the basket of apples from Pooh and Friends. For extra credit add either a piece of ribbon or other embellishment. the theme of your card needs to be a back to school theme"

I used all the cuts assigned above and chose to use flower eyelets as my extra credit embellishment. I will say that I'm not entirely sure I like the grass but it was required.

The inside quote says, "If an apple a day keeps the doctor away - will a basketfull make the teacher play?"


DonnaMundinger said...

This is adorable! Really cute sentiment too. Temunwoohanks for the sweet comments on my blog! xxD