The 7 Minutes Life System - REVIEW

A couple weeks ago I received a free promotional copy of a terrific book and supplemental daily planner titled The Seven Minute Difference by Allyson Lewis. I was asked to read the book, use the planner and then provide you, my fellow bloggers, with a review prior to the book’s release this Thursday, October 21st. Ready?

Like me, your first thought is probably “Great, another planner. What makes this one so special?” Now mind you I've tried the Franklin Covey planners and after a short stint they quickly became nothing more than a glorified address book for me. However, I found this one to be different. As a person who thrives on organization, I love the fact that this planner provides ample room for all the written organizational tools I need including: monthly calendars, task lists, space for voicemail messages, appointments and other sundry items.  

But before I even got into the layout stages of my "plans" I had room to reflect on my priorities, personal/professional/financial goals and projects – short and long term. This then allowed me to plan my time more efficiently and we all know how important that is.

And then there's the companion book, The Seven Minute Difference. All throughout her book, Allyson Lewis prompts the reader to perform what she calls “micro-actions”. (Micro-actions are basically the small actions that make the difference between okay and excellent.) Combine these with the Seven Minute Ideas mentioned in each chapter and there’s no way you can go wrong. Both sets of ideas and actions provide great support and encouragement to the reader.

My personal favorites:
In striving to reach excellence, either everything matters or nothing matters.
You must have fun in your work if you want to grow within your profession
Feed your mind with positive images.

The bottom line here is that Allyson has provided an excellent resource that is guaranteed to bring about whatever organizational or time management change you find yourself needing. To find out more about Allyson’s book and planner please visit her at The 7 Minute Life System.