Glitter & Vinyl Ornaments

I know that making the glitter ornaments is the rage right now, but I decided to add a bit of vinyl to mine and I love the way that they turned out.  Especially since using vinyl is new to me.

And if you're one of the few that haven't heard about these easy to make ornaments I'll share how to do so and you can view the video that Happy Happy Joy Joy made on You Tube.  To make these you'll need:

Pledge Future floor shine
Glass ornaments from your local craft store
FINE glitter (preferrably Martha Stewart)
Ribbon, vinyl or other embellishments
small funnel that will fit into the opening of the ornament

Remove the hanger cap from the ornament, pour a little  of the floor shine into the ornament and gently swish it around so that the entire inside of the ornament is covered.  You can use a small piece of plastic wrap to cover the top so that it doesn't get on  your fingers.

Pour floor shine back into the bottle.  Using the funnel add glitter to the ornament.  Cover top and swirl around to coat the interior surface completely with glitter.

I allow mine to "air/dry" for a bit before re-capping.  Embellish with vinyl cuts, ribbon, etc.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Barbara!
Those are super cool ornaments! I've love to put them up on a tree.