Get Well Flowers

Who remembers when making these flower pot cards were all the rage about two years ago?  I loved these cards then and I still love them now.  I have so much fun making these little guys and whenever I give one away the recipient always smiles upon seeing their card.

With that said, who wouldn't want to put a smile on the face of someone who's under the weather and not feeling well?  Of course we all do and so today I'd like to share one of my "get well" flower arrangements.  For this card I used my trusty little DS cut file I created back in the day using:

George for the 'card' and flower pot
Mickey and Friends for the flowers
Accent Essentials for the leaves
Sesame Street Friends for the worm
TBBM for the flower tag
Pooh Font for the Get Well

To put this together I used pop dots on the flowers and this helps to situate them just right so they slide in and out of the pot properly without hiding the sentiment.  Add some buttons for the center of the flowers and a ribbon around the pot to hold it all together and viola! You have a unique floral arrangement to show that special someone you care.

If you have the cartridges mentioned above and still use DS like I do, you can download my cut file by going here and selecting the flowerpot - friend and get well file.

Happy Creating!