A Nativity in April? Why Not.

Now here's a craft I haven't share in a while simply because it had taken a back seat to my papercrafting and loom knitting.  It's so difficult to divide your time evenly when you love so many crafting styles - or at least it is for me.  So much so that there are days I dream of just staying home from work so I can craft. 

It hit me a couple weeks ago that while I've thought about picking back up my plastic canvas I had not done so.  Then I was over at my mom's house that weekend and she showed me a nativity set that she was crocheting in preparation for our upcoming shows this Fall.  Immediately I knew that I had to get to work and get a couple of nativities made myself and so I pulled out one of my new-to-me patterns and this is what I've completed thus far.

I still have my kings, manager and animals to finish but I'll get there..........


paperANDi - Stephanie Dang said...

This is wonderful! I wish I can knit.. it seems so terrifying! But these are adorable.