Quiche Recipe Page

Yes....it's another recipe page.....can you tell I'm on a roll?  LOL  Today I'd like to share a page that I put together for a quiche recipe that my children loved when they were all growing up.  We haven't had this in a while as most of them seem to have outgrown quiche but it's a great put together, freeze and cook when you need something later recipe.  So since my daughter is so busy with work I thought this would be a great addition to her book.

For this page I used:

Animal Kingdom for the chickens
From my Kitchen for the eggs

To get the recipe to print on the eggs just right I measured the area where I wanted the print and laid it out in MS Word using two different text boxes.  I then print the recipe onto paper, taped the eggs on the paper and print again.  BUT, for the second print I made sure to remove the outlines from the text boxes BEFORE printing.  After all we don't want those pesky boxes on our finished product......