Nativity with Stable

Yesterday I was able to finish putting together  a nativity that I have been working on.  This is another one of my plastic canvas creations, and while the direction for the pattern were a bit confusing I think the end result is pretty neat. 
I did not have any doll hair in my stash so had to use what I did have, and that meant yarn.  For Joseph I decide to try something a bit different.  I used some eyelash yarn I had, wrapped it around a pencil and glued it together in the ring shape and then glued that on for his hair.  It gives him kind of a wild man look but that's what makes him unique.
Overall I love the way that this nativity turned out, and really love the uniqueness of the set.
This particular pattern is from the 1984 leaflet Projects Galore published by Butterfly Publications.  I had never seen this pattern before and came across this gem while perusing ebay.  Needless to say, I peruse several times a week - always on the hunt for those unique patterns.  And I have found some - just keep tuning in to see what I create next.  :o)